Another Month Comes to an End!

Well here we are again at the end of another month of camping! September has been a busy month with three trips out! We started the month out with a bonus trip on Labour Day weekend to Windmill Point Park. The following weekend we were at Smith’s Park in Midland then we took a weekend off for work and were back at it again last weekend with an extended weekend at Balsam Lake Provincial Park! Now we’ll end the month tomorrow at Cedar Beach Resort!

Windmill Point, Smith’s Park and Cedar Beach Resort are all new parks for us! Our visit to Balsam Lake was a return one but a very fun weekend! We hosted our 6th RVing in Canada Facebook group potluck and enjoyed some kayaking. It was our first time back at Balsam Lake since 2010 and what a difference! I found the campground roads less accommodating to our 36′ fiver than when we had our 26′ Spree!

We had an awesome time camping at all the parks this month and look forward to bringing October in at Cedar Beach Resort. So, here’s a compilation of some of my favorite photos from each of the parks!

And from Smith’s Park in Midland –

And some photos from this past weekend at Balsam Lake Provincial Park!

Well, September has really been a beautiful month of camping! We enjoyed all three parks we visited and were able to keep active! At Windmill Point we biked the Friendship Trail to Fort Erie and at Balsam Lake we finally got out kayaking! We had been trying every weekend since August and every time we brought them it was too windy and rainy! I booked Arran Lake, Highland Pines, Smith’s Park and Balsam Lake for the kayaking, but other than Balsam Lake the weather just did not cooperate. Again this weekend, I booked Cedar Beach Resort on Musselman Lake for kayaking, but the weather is not looking very nice!

Regardless, it’s a weekend away camping and the weather has never stopped us before! I feel that our time out there is so limited with work that we need to take any available weekend. Who cares if it’s rainy and we don’t get to bike ride or hike or kayak? We can still put our shelter up and have a fire, read some books and walk in the rain. It’s truly a good like and we live each moment we can camping somewhere until the day we finally are able to retire and go full time!

HAPPY CAMPING on this rainy weekend if you’re heading out!


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