Fun Times Mackerel Fishing on Chaleur Bay!


Leaving the wharf at Petit Rocher!

One of the coolest things we did while on holidays in New Brunswick, was a mackerel fishing trip. Neither one of us had ever fished on the ocean let along for mackerel. Truth be known, I couldn’t have even told you what a mackerel looked like!

Our first trip we booked was cancelled due to inclement weather, but our second trip the weather cooperated and we had a wonderful time on the water! The sun was shining with some clouds in the sky and just a light whiff of a breeze.

Here are some photos of the wharf at Petit Rocher from where we departed.

I found L’Acadien Sur Mer while looking at the New Brunswick tourism web site. They offer 3 hour mackerel fishing trips in Chaleur Bay for only $20. The price seemed great! We boarded at low tide and headed for the open water while traditional Acadian music played! It didn’t seem like we were on the water long when the captain found what he was looking for – a school of mackerel! It was so funny, when he was going over the FAQs at the start of the trip he mentioned that they’d help clean anything over six fish. I thought to myself – six fish? That’s a good day fishing! Well, we’d never mackerel fished before, but we filled our bucket in no time!

It was such a lovely day on the water! The water and the sky were so beautiful and made our time out so much nicer. I can’t say enough about the captain and the guide. They went through everything in French at the start of the trip, then again in English for us (the only Anglophones on board)! We had no idea how to clean mackerel, so one of the guides did it for us. As he cleaned the fish, the seagulls followed closely behind the boat looking for lunch.

We had such an amazing time on this adventure and we have a freezer full of mackerel. Here’s a photo of the catch we brought home!


Holy Mackerel!!!

If you’re staying in Northern New Brunswick and are looking for something fun and reasonably priced, I’d highly recommend this mackerel fishing adventure. The boat was safe and comfortable, the staff really friendly, informative and helpful. You can’t beat the scenery on the ocean and the atmosphere. They played traditional Acadien music during the trip and provided the fishing rod and tackle. All we had to do was just enjoy ourselves! Here’s a link to their website! You can call and reserve the three hour tour and there is no deposit at the time of booking. Just show up at the wharf a little early and bring a cooler with some cold drinks! They also offer lobster fishing trips during lobster season (May – June).

And here’s a link to the New Brunswick travel web site for more ideas!

This was just one of the many things we did in New Brunswick, but absolutely one of our favourites!




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