Where To Now?

We’re off again to another new campground for a few days! This one is located in Midland /Penetaguishene on Little Lake. We booked this park with kayak fishing in mind, but I think the weather will put the brakes on that idea!  Lots of rain and thunderstorms in the forecast.

No worries,  there’s much to do in the area. The S.S.Keewatin is close by and offers tours. Sounds kind of cool! Does anyone remember the episode of Murdoch Mysteries that featured this ship? Also there’s the Sainte Marie Among the Hurons heritage site. If all else fails, we’ll set up the tent shelter and enjoy a campfire, read a book and stay dry!

Our campsite is a large pull thru with 50amp, water and sewer. Again,  this is our first visit to this park so we’re not sure what to expect. Hopefully the run up the 400 on Friday night will not be too busy. I’m anticipating a later arrival like maybe 8pm or 9pm. It all depends on when we finish work. I get home before Dave so it really helps and saves time having the fiver hooked up and ready when he gets home. I find hook up and disconnecting process so incredibly easy. One person can easily do it, but we always check again to make sure nothing was missed.

Here’s a link to the park


Well, that’s it for now. It’s off to work for another day but camping is not far away! 😆😆😆


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