Another Weekend – Another Campfire!!!

What an awesome weekend we’ve had at Windmill Point! Starry skies and campfires, awesome company and some good times spent together! What more could we ask for?

Sometimes it’s the trips that you’re not so sure of that turn out to be awesome! We stayed close to home this weekend due to my work obligations and visited Windmill Point Campground in Fort Erie. My first impression of our campsite wasn’t very good, I’ll admit it, but despite that we still had an awesome time!

No fire bans now of course, so every night we enjoyed a campfire! Saturday we didn’t do too much. Mostly relaxed, read a book, played Holey Board and drank some cool drinks in the warm sunshine. A band played that evening and I must say, they were pretty good!

Sunday morning we went for a long bike ride on the Friendship Trail which is located just outside the park. We biked all the way to Fort Erie. What a beautiful trail and what a great time spent together! Then we had company stop by for dinner and a campfire. They didn’t stay too long, but we continued to burn the night away together with a campfire after they left.

I looked at next year’s work schedule and booked the Civic Holiday weekend again at this park. I did however get a nicer site that backs onto the lake. Looks good! That makes two bookings already for 2017, not counting our 2017 Winter Camping seasonal site at Valens. I’ll be booking that October 1st!!!

We were home today by 1pm and had the afternoon to leisurely unload the fiver and truck and do the laundry and camping chores we usually have coming home. It seems this past month has been so busy and I guess it has! We were out almost every weekend in August and the last three in a row. We literally came home from Arran Lake in August, spent two weekends on our New Brunswick trip, went back to work for five days then went out this weekend! Next weekend we’re off again to Smith’s Park in Midland/Penetanguishene!

No rest for us campers and we LOVE it that way!!!


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