Good Times in the Maritimes!


Inch Arran Lighthouse

We’re home again after spending eight wonderful days in Northern New Brunswick and two lovely days at Glengarry Campground near Lancaster, ON. We spent a lot of time driving to reach our destination! Total drive time out was eight hours Thursday night and about nine and a half on the Friday to reach Sugarloaf Provincial Park in NB. It was well worth it and despite the long days and sometimes quick tempers 😉 we would both do it again just to see the beautiful scenery and enjoy staying in a different province.

We packed a lot into our stay with a driving tour of the Acadian coast to Caraquet, golfing at the beautiful Restigouche Golf & Country Club, climbing the 1,000 foot Sugarloaf mountain to a stunning look out, going on a mackerel fishing tour aboard the L’Acadien out of Petit Rocher, another driving tour of the Appalachian Route across New Brunswick, seeing the incredibly beautiful Grand Falls and of course finally wading into and seeing the beautiful Atlantic Ocean! Whew! What a busy eight days!!!

Besides all that, my sweetie took me to a cute little restaurant at the entrance to Sugarloaf called T-Bar to celebrate my 49th birthday and of course we enjoyed a birthday cake for two!

I had second thoughts on my decision to drive back to Lancaster on Friday and stay a couple nights, but I’m glad we did. We arrived a little earlier than expected despite a few issues getting there. I’m beginning to think these travel issues are to be the normal for us! First, we missed the exit for Autoroute 30 – the Montreal bypass and wouldn’t you know, right after the exit, traffic stopped due to an accident further down the highway. Once I was sure we missed it, we waited it out until finally arriving at the next exit, then got off the highway and headed back to catch the 30. Well, traffic was pretty slow on the highway as well. Stop and go until the airport exit. Finally we were moving again with a minimal slow down at the toll booths. We found our exit for Glengarry, exited the highway to find the road closed and a detour. We got stopped by a train crossing the tracks. The detour took us away from where we needed to be so I decided to trust our gps. We crossed back over the train tracks a few roads over and wouldn’t you know another train!!! Karma was NOT on our side. I think the Karma gods were laughing at us. At last we made it to the park! Despite the drive there, we were both glad for the rest Friday night and the relaxing day we had Saturday enjoying the park.

This morning we were up early again and on the road by 8am. I drove us all the way home with our only break being fuel stops along the way.

We’re all unloaded, laundry is going and tomorrow it’s back to work! On a good note – we’re off again this coming Friday to Windmill Point Park in Fort Erie. It’s very close to home for us, but that’s why I booked it. I’m not working, but I’m on call this Labour Day weekend, so I can’t go too far.

Well, I’ll be posting photos of our stay in New Brunswick and our short stay in Glengarry Park. Stay tuned and HAPPY CAMPING!


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