AC Issues!

It looks like something went terribly wrong with our bedroom AC last night. I woke to a huge soaking wet spot on our bed below our AC unit.The water was streaming out of it! I shut it off immediately and stripped the bedding.  It soaked right through to the mattress. 😣😦. Hopefully it dries ok. I love my mattress!  It was the optional pillow top comfort one KZ offered.

We’ve always had issues with our bedroom AC since buying the fiver and our dealer is aware of it. The issue however was that it intermittently worked. Sometimes it would run for five minutes then shut off for awhile and come back on. I’m wondering if it didn’t shut off last night and the condenser froze. One thing is for sure, we’re not going up on the roof to check today. It’s pouring much needed rain outside! Good to see!

Hopefully we’ll be on the road to Arran Lake by 9am. For now, it’s coffee time then on to deal with last night’s AC issues. Our mattress needs to be stripped to dry.


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