Travel Update!

We’ve been back home and back to work for a few days now. Our one week stay at Pickerel Park was very, very nice! We enjoyed some kayaking, fishing, golfing and got to know some really, really nice people camping at the park. No complaints about the park itself, our site was a very nice corner pull thru. I’ll post a review of the park, hopefully today.

This was the first longer trip out since purchasing our new truck and all the kayak and bicycle rigging for the fifth wheel. The kayaks stayed in place without issue as did the bikes. Our fuel mileage is improving on the truck now that we’re around the 5,000 km mark. Apparently we should see a nice improvement by 10,000 km when the truck is broken in. We’re so impressed with how the 3500 tows our fiver! Effortlessly! Sometimes I forget that although the fiver is 36 feet and seems massive, it’s dry weight is only 10,500 lbs which is not all that heavy compared to other fivers. Loaded, GVWR is 13,000 lbs and although I never pack light, I’m quite sure we’re not that heavy.

We’ve another week of work, then we’re off again for the Civic Holiday weekend at Highland Pines Campground on Belwood Lake. This park is one of the many I booked that I’m really looking forward to visiting. It sounds like a nice place and the photos of the campsite I booked look nice too! Three way hookups and a lake to kayak in fish in! Can’t get much better than that! We’ll have to wait and see about a fire ban. It seems there’s been one in place for so long! I’m sure the farmers in Southern Ontario would agree – we need some rain!

Also, it looks like finally – the damage done to the fiver when it hit the box of the truck will be fixed! It’s going in to the shop on Monday! At some point we’ll have to get it into Niagara Trailers for a few minor warranty issues that have been adding up. The bathroom tap has discolored and needs to be replaced, we’re still having issues with the bedroom AC not running properly and I’m a little concerned with how often the freezer frosts up. I know RV freezers do have to be defrosted every now and then. In our Spree, at least twice a season so about  2-3 time during seven months, but I’m defrosting our freezer every four weeks in the Durango. It’s a double wide fridge\freezer and I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it as I’ve only ever had a 8 cu foot or less RV fridge. We’ll get it all sorted out. Other than that, our Durango has no issues so far!

Happy Camping!!!


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