Strange AC Issue!

Last weekend when we were camping at Presquile,  our bedroom AC wouldn’t work properly. The compressor and fan would come on, then after about ten minutes or so, the compressor would shut off but the fan would keep running. While the compressor ran, the air cooled. Eventually we just gave up, but this happened both nights we were camped here.

We decided to test the system at home. Out came our generator! We plugged our fiver in (30amp) and ran the bedroom AC for a good 30 minutes or more. No issues, it ran until the temperature set on the thermostat was reached.

I’m wondering now if there were power issues at Presquile?  Other than the hot water heater, nothing else was running off the 30 amps. Oddly, no breakers were tripped inside the fiver. I wish I had remembered to plug our PI surge protector into the post. Very strange indeed!

We’ll give the AC a good test next weekend when we’re camping at Goreski’s Landing.


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