Countdown To Camping!

We ended the month of May with some good news. Our new Dodge Ram 3500 arrived ahead of schedule! This is great news as we now have a reliable tow vehicle. We are still waiting for our hitch to be installed. There seems to be some issues with finding rails and hardware that will work for the truck. Apparently the new Rams are very proprietary when it comes to hitching. Yes, you can order the fifth wheel hitch package for around $8,000 when ordering the truck, but that seemed silly since we already had the hitch! It looks like they’ve figured out what we need, now it’s just getting it installed.

Provided Niagara Trailers gets our fifth wheel plate installed in a timely manner, our first trip out will be in two weeks! I am so in need of camping! My withdrawal symptoms are getting worse day by day lol. Seriously both Dave and I are so looking forward to getting back on the road. It will be six weeks since we’ve last been out by the time we park at Presquile Provincial Park in a couple weeks!

On a good note, at keast we know we have a reliable tow vehicle! Here are some photos of our yet to be named truck!

So hopefully we’ll have the tires back in the asphalt and our fiver parked at a campground soon. Ahhh, I can almost smell that campfire!  ☺


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