It Was Inevitable!

It happened. The inevitable finally happened while working on our fifth wheel.  After just over six months of owning our fiver, I didn’t duck low enough and cracked my head. Man, did that hurt! Knocked me to my knees kind of hurt! I’ve always been so careful!  Oh well, no damage done. I’ve got a hard head I suppose! ☺

Today we worked on cleaning out the front pass thru compartment.  Its amazing just how much stuff we accumulated during our four months of winter camping! It was time to reorganize everything and clean up. I tied all my cabling with velcro strips and organized everything in open totes for easier access. With all our regular season stuff in there we’ll still be able to fit in our two bikes. Best part, we won’t have to remove any wheels to get them in.

It was a good day and we accomplished quite a bit including a sore coconut for me! ☺

The countdown is on – 6 nights until we’re camping again. We’ll be hanging out next weekend at Green Acre Park.

“Green Acre is the place for me, farm living is the life for me, land spreading out so far and wide. Take Manhattan and give me the countryside !” I bet I had you singing along! 😆   And I just dated myself didnt I? 😉

Cheers and Happy RVing!



2 thoughts on “It Was Inevitable!

  1. Bob & Marian Henson

    Spent the day cleaning and prepping the SPREE ( not so small world )
    Look after that head, and don’t drink to much. LOL
    SPREE 261 owners and constant followers.


    1. schrest Post author

      Thank you! ☺ No drinking for me this weekend, I’ve been working nights. Next weekend we’re camping at Green Acre and no doubt raising a few glasses! My head is still sore but feels a little better today. This weekend the weather was so beautiful! It was perfect for working outside! Happy camping! ☺



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