2016 Begins Our Tenth Year of RVing!

Wow! It’s so hard to believe that we have started our tenth year of this wonderful life we call RVing! We still feel like we’ve got a long way to go to realize our dreams and we hope this ride never stops! Our dreams are to one day go full time and live on the road. In preparation, we’ve bought the fifth wheel that has everything we could ever want for living on the road. Next will be an upgrade to our truck, which is a  2006 Dodge Ram 2500. Both of us still work full time, but we travel every opportunity we get, which means any weekend I’m not working and any holiday time we can take at work! We’ve been to well over 60 different parks and conservation areas with well over 125 trips out counting return park visits since we started in 2007.

On that note – let’s take a look at our first RV in 2007! It was a 1999 Prowler hybrid. Our girls traveled with us at the time and we loved the design of the hybrid – beds off the floor! I don’t have any photos of the interior, but we have fond memories of this – our first travel trailer! This was also our first tow vehicle – a 2007 Dodge Ram 1500.  🙂


We kept this hybrid for one year then upgraded to a 2001 Jayco Kiwi, also a hybrid but 23 feet long. This gave us more room for the kids and their friends and still the design of a hybrid. As well it gave us our very first slide out! Oh my gosh, we had to manually put the slide out, retract it and lock it in place! No fancy power buttons!

We kept our Kiwi for two seasons then decided to trade again. Our girls stopped traveling with us and we wanted something with an actual bed for ourselves. We ended up with a brand new 2010 KZ Spree! I loved the rear kitchen design and it gave us a bedroom of our own and a full corner stand up shower! Again, no interior photos. It was nice to have a hard shell body with no canvas to clean! It was also much warmer since we started pushing the seasons from early April into late October! As well, our tow vehicle changed to a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500.


Next in line was our 32 foot 2013 KZ Spree RBS with a rear bathroom design. We had our 2010 for three seasons when we went to that RV show and our fate was sealed! How I wish we had NOT gone to that show. Our 2013 will forever be known as our “lemon”. It was a horrible travel trailer. The slide out leaked in multiple places, one of the window seals was missed during the build and so many other issues. One good thing came of it – we seen first hand how wonderful KZ RV could be when they stepped forward and offered us half our money back and the dealership offered the other half back. Before we end that story, here are a couple photos of our lovely lemon!

One thing we did love was the outdoor kitchen! We loved it so much that when we were offered our refund, we purchased the same model, also 32 feet, but one year newer. We were impressed with KZ so much so, that we stayed with them and ordered a 2014 KZ Spree RIK. Again with the rear bathroom, outdoor kitchen, but with a fireplace! Yes a fireplace! It came in pretty handy when we began winter camping at Valens that first season in 2015! Other than our new fiver, our RIK will always be my most favourite trailer. I had mixed feelings parting with it.

And now here we are beginning our tenth year of RVing with our new fifth wheel – a 2016 KZ Durango 325RLT. I absolutely love the design! I have plenty of windows on the campsite side and a large rear window to look out of. Sounds funny, but trust me, I love it sitting at the table eating breakfast looking out at our bird feeders. I can’t wait to park at a site with a lake behind us with a water view! I also love our comfy king size bed! Winter camping this year has been so comfortable in the fifth wheel! There are so many cool things such as the heated front pass thru which makes using our fresh water system in the winter a breeze. Then there’s the power vents that make keeping moisture under control a breeze! I could go on and on, but I won’t. Suffice to say, we’ve found our perfect RV!

Well, that’s our RV history for the last nine seasons. Here we go into our tenth! You won’t be seeing us upgrade any time soon! At least not our travel trailer!

Thanks for taking the time to look at this post and Happy RVing! 🙂


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