March Plans

Well, our first weekend of March was an awesome camping weekend at Valens! The weather was great and it was just a fantastic trip out!

So what’s up for the rest of this month? Well, we have a total of three weekends away planned at Valens which will pretty much finish off the winter program for us. After March, there is only one trip to Valens in April then we bring our fifth wheel home! There is a lot to do before our fiver comes home and it seems like all of a sudden we don’t have much time left! We are hoping to redo our driveway for one thing! As well, although not dependent on the fiver coming home, we need to get our fishing kayaks set up for the upcoming paddling season. We also need to get our new racking system for the kayaks set up and tested! Also required is a rack on the fiver to carry our bikes while we’re camping.

Looking at the weather for the next two weeks it would seem that March is coming in like a lamb! Although our first weekend was a little cool, this coming weekend is supposed to be warm with temperatures of 12 and 15 degrees with lots of sunshine. Sunday it is supposed to cool off a bit with temps down to 8 degrees and rain moving in. We should be able to use our water system no problem! One wonderful reminder this weekend that Spring is just around the corner is the start of Daylight Savings Time! This weekend we will begin bringing winter camping items home that we no longer need in preparation for when we leave our site and tow home in April. You tend to accumulate a lot of items when the fiver is parked for awhile.

Our final weekend of March will be a nice long weekend – Easter! We both have Good Friday off this year, which is a super bonus! It’s too soon to tell what the weather will be like, but here’s hoping nice again.

We might sneak in a day trip or overnight trip on March 19th and 20th, but I have to wait for my work schedule as I’m on call and should stay close to home if any staff calls in or books off over the weekend. We will see. If at all possible, even for one extra night, we’ll be camping!

So, March is shaping up to be a wonderful month for camping with a few trips planned and hopefully nice warm Spring weather with lots of sunshine!



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