Last Trip in February! On to March!

It would seem Spring is just around the corner! Ok, maybe not after the winter storm a couple days ago! Here in Niagara, we were pretty fortunate, we escaped with some freezing rain and minimal snow. Other parts of the province didn’t fair so well!

It was hard to believe last Sunday that this storm was on it’s way while we sat outside at our campsite in balmy 12C temperatures! Our last trip out in February didn’t quite start out that way. The Friday I arrived the temperatures were well below zero with a wind chill factor. No issues warming up the fifth wheel! Since the temps were supposed to moderate, we decided to try using the fresh water system. Well, no go. I could not get the pump to pump. Friday night we went to Canadian Tire to buy a second pump to use to try to force ours to prime. No go, there was just no way it was going to work. Saturday on our chore list was emptying the black tank and the grey tank. The black was 2/3rd full and the grey just had a little bit in it. It was then that we got our first clue as to the water issue. Our black tank drained fine, but the grey was frozen, likely at the valve end. So, we decided to take the wall down in the pass thru to get a good look at the water system in behind. Very cool! Sunday we woke up to much warmer temperatures and a thawed grey water tank. No surprise that our pump worked too! Somewhere, there was a freeze up. Of course we didn’t use the pump as it was our last day at camp.

We had a great weekend with our friends John and Cindy! They came up Saturday morning and stayed overnight. We visited the RV show in Toronto and looked at many models. We’re not in the market, but our friends might be!  After the show we came back to camp and promptly started a fire. The wind was still chilly although the temperatures were already moderating. Here are some photos of camp before and after the snow started melting!

Cindy and I spent some time hiking around the lake on the Sunday. The wind was still cold, but it was bright and sunny. Valens Lake looks so pretty in the winter!

So now that February is over, we have three trips to Valens in March then only one in April before we pack up and tow our fifth wheel home. Our winter camping program ends in April and our regular traveling season starts April 22nd. It seems this winter has gone by so quickly! This weekend the temps are above freezing and next weekend well above freezing! Perhaps winter is breathing it’s last sigh and giving way to Spring? The signs sure point that way! Next weekend is the beginning of daylight savings time and the hours of daylight are noticeably longer now! I think one of my favourite parts of this winter program is watching winter give way to Spring! The way the woods look and smell as they come alive is amazing!

Well, one more sleep and we’re off again for another blissful weekend camping!


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