Another Winter Camping Weekend!

It was another wonderful winter weekend of camping at Valens Conservation Area! As always, I’m sad to see it end, but so grateful to have had another weekend away! It was 6C on Friday when I arrived with not much snow left on the ground. I decided to come up a little earlier on the Friday and get the slides out and the heat on. Dave came up later after work. You’ll notice in the photo below there’s a GMC pickup parked at our site – our Dodge has been in for transmission work, so that was our rental.



I spent the afternoon at camp getting things opened up and unloaded. Since our fiver just stays at Valens, we carry all our supplies in large plastic containers and laundry baskets. There’s a bit of unloading and unpacking involved, but it’s the best way we’ve found so far. Once I had the inside all set up, I decided to unload all the wood from the back of the truck. Our woodpile is growing! Of course why have the wood other than for campfires? So, it didn’t take me long to start a nice campfire.


It was a very cloudy, overcast day and as it got darker outside it began to rain and cool off considerably. The rain finally drove me inside. Dave arrived sometime later for the weekend. The roads were terrible on his way up to camp. Fog and rain – yuck.

Saturday we slept in and awoke to a brighter day but a cold one! We decided we’d do a few camp chores today such as putting Reflectix on the wood bed frame under the mattress and empty our water tanks. Some camper friends of ours that have been doing the winter camping program for years use it to keep mold from forming on their mattress.

BedReflectix Cover

The rest of the day was spent relaxing. Dave started a campfire and we sat outside for the afternoon. It’s such a magical thing sitting beside the campfire while the snow falls around you. It’s so quiet at Valens, you can almost hear the snow falling in the woods!


It was such a beautiful weekend! A pair of cardinals, blue jays and a woodpecker found there way to my bird feeders along with quite a few squirrels! I love all the windows in our new fifth wheel! I love waking up in the morning, opening the blinds and looking out at the bird feeders and the beautiful woods that surround our campsite! I am SO glad we decided to do the winter camping program at Valens again this year. It’s such a relaxing time away!

In two weeks, we’ll be back again and we may have company. I think our youngest daughter and her friend are camping with us!



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