Missing My Durango!

We dropped our fifth wheel off at our dealers for work last Sunday. Our driveway is so empty!  Not sure when it will be done, but we’re guessing a couple weeks. It went in for a new rubber roof (insurance work) and some minor warranty work. Our fresh water pump isn’t working properly, one of the back frameless windows is out of alignment and won’t close properly and an outside compartment door that doesn’t latch tightly. After two trips out we’ve pretty much used everything and tested everything.

I’m really impressed with how well the oven cooks! I put my pizza stone in and moved the rack up once then baked some biscuits.  They actually browned on the top without the bottoms burning. In the Spree i would have to flip things over to brown them evenly. The oven in the Durango is a lot larger which allows for three rack positions. Im really looking forward to baking more yummy things! Hot cinnamon buns on a cold winter morning will be wonderful!

So, no trips planned for us until December 31st! Im hoping time flies! ⛄❄


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